TLC Companions: Home Health Care with a Helping Hand


TLC Companions was formed by health care professionals with over thirty years of experience that want to provide high-quality companion services to our growing senior and disabled population. TLC allows their families and loved ones to enjoy the freedom of remaining in their own home. Our mission is simple TLC Companions and our team of caring professionals is united in the belief that, regardless of age and one's physical or mental condition, every individual deserves to live in the environment of his or her choice; everyone can use a helping hand at times; and everyone needs a friend.  It is our mission to meet these needs for you or your loved one.

Preventing Falls for Seniors

Although older adults may be able to keep their mind sharp, physical ability and reflexes are usually harder to preserve. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention informs us that one in every three adults over the age of 65 fall each year. 

While some falls may be minor, others could result in damages such as fractures or brain injuries, two possible long-term complications. These long-term problems can increase the price of medical bills and inhibit the independence of an elderly adult. 

Keys to a Healthy Heart

A healthy heart can keep any age energetic and active. For seniors, it is especially important to try your best to eat foods that fuel you. There are a few easy ways to ensure you are trying to stay healthy and the American Heart Association has a few guidelines to aid in doing so.

Everyone learns at a young age to eat your fruits and vegetables, but this lesson needs to be remembered no matter how old you get. Colorful fruits and vegetables are low in calorie, high in fiber, and have a sufficient amount of vitamins. The suggested amount for adults is five servings a day for the proper nutrition.

Suggestions for Seniors Living Alone

Independence and self- reliance is important for senior citizens, but if you're living without home health care, you want to make sure you are doing it right. You may face challenges without any adults or children around. However, there are tips to make this kind of living easier and to create a safe lifestyle.

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